All these films are award-winning international feature films.

We think they are exceptional and we wanted you to be able to use them in your classroom.

  • Poster for Afghan Star

    Afghan Star

    Following 4 contestants in Afghanistan's version of X-Factor.
  • Poster for A Goat for a Vote

    A Goat for a Vote

    At Majaoni Secondary School a next generation of Kenyan voters learn about democracy. It is the annual school elections, and three students compete for the prestigious position of school president.
  • Poster for Almost Sunrise

    Almost Sunrise

    Students will explore the films’ themes through conducting research, preparing for a policy debate on the military draft, journaling, engaging in class discussions and making literature connections to other texts about war.
  • Poster for A Small Act

    A Small Act

    One good deed leads to another in a story that travels from Nazi Germany to Kenya via Sweden.
    Reading for meaning, Storyboarding & screenwriting
  • Poster for Chasing Coral.

    Chasing Coral.

    Coral reefs are disappearing at an alarming rate due to outside forces such as ocean warming. Zackary Rago, a biologist and self-proclaimed “coral nerd”, and Richard Vevers, an underwater photographer, embark upon a mission with a team of scientists, engineers, and cinematographers in an immersive ocean experience to capture the elusive phenomenon of coral bleaching to reveal it to the world like never seen before.​
  • Poster for Chasing Ice

    Chasing Ice

    An adventure film following a global team attempting to capture images of receding glaciers.
    Critically viewing a documentary text, Climate Change, Biology, Data Analysis, ELA, Earth Science
  • Poster for Chasing Ice.

    Chasing Ice.

    Glaciers are receding at an alarming rate not previously seen due to atmospheric and oceanic warming. James Balog, an award-winning nature photographer and geomorphologist, sets out to combine his love of nature and photography and capture the visual evidence that glaciers are disappearing rapidly by photographing 22 different sites in Iceland, Alaska, and Greenland over a period of 5 years using video and time-lapse photography. Blalog is also confronted with health issues and risks while conducting the study with his team, and the film provides a deep, personal connection between he and his family in regards to his love of exploration and nature photography.
  • Poster for CITIZENFOUR


    Introduce students to discussions on security, Internet privacy and government surveillance. Lesson plans explore writer’s purpose and stimulate creative and non-fiction writing.).

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