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  • 1 Lesson Plan
    5 Clips
    Clip 1. Context from film Moving to Mars

    Moving to Mars

    Key Stage 3 Reading, writing, speaking & listening
    Teach about migration from multiple perspectives. Students learn about the experiences of displaced people in the UK, and the human consequences of Burma's political unrest.

  • 1 Lesson Plan
    7 Clips
    Clip 1. STRONG LANGUAGE Introduction to the Burgers and the Johnsons from film One Mile Away

    One Mile Away

    Key Stage 3 English Language
    Two warring gangs in inner city Birmingham attempt to bring peace to their neighbourhoods. Teach about trust, violence, hope and reconciliation through key literacy exercises.

  • 1 Lesson Plan
    6 Clips
    Clip 1. Background of Malala's Story from film He Named Me Malala

    He Named Me Malala

    Key Stages 3, 4 & 5 English - Reading, writing, speaking & listening
    A powerful scheme of work that takes students on a journey of advocacy and activism. Clips and exercises explore migration, gender and human rights

  • 1 Lesson Plan
    8 Clips
    Clip 1. The beginning of a relationship from film Monica & David

    Monica & David

    Key Stage 4 AQA GCSE English/Eng Lang. spec & exam criteria
    Inspire with a love story that raises some tough questions. Exercises prompt students to investigate the challenges and prejudices that surround disability.

  • 1 Lesson Plan
    6 Clips
    Clip 1. Trailer from film CITIZENFOUR


    Key Stage 4 Reading, writing, speaking & listening
    Introduce students to discussions on security, Internet privacy and government surveillance. Lesson plans explore writer's purpose and stimulate creative and non-fiction writing.

  • 1 Lesson Plan
    7 Clips
    Clip 1. The Internet Debate from film In Real Life


    Key Stage 4 English Language
    Get your students thinking about the impact the Internet has on all areas of their lives. Thought-provoking stories link to curriculum-relevant literacy skills and processes.