Doc Academy is...

  • a site devised by teachers for teachers
  • a trusted source of the very best non-fiction content tied to lesson plans aligned with National Curriculum objectives
  • free and easy to use with no prior training required

Doc Academy aims to encourage the use of documentary film within formal learning in UK schools.  We believe that easy, free access to high quality documentaries offer a deeper understanding of wider social issues, develops media literacy and teaches key skills.

Doc Academy was piloted in 2012 and is now in over 1000 schools!  Join us!

How have teachers found it?...

“Particularly for the less able or less engaged, Doc Academy allows instant connection… it engages them easily and with pace, allows engagement to start from moment they walk in.” Phil Hardwick, BBG Academy

"Pupils were using more advanced vocabulary and examples from the resources to support their ideas. The concepts explored required higher level thinking skills, which pupils demonstrated in their assessments." Lauren Faith, La Retraite RC Girls' School

“I just wanted to email you as I used the 'Moving to Mars' resources last Thursday when we had OFSTED in. The inspector came in and she loved it! I got an outstanding in my observation and I wanted to thank you for this! The children really enjoyed the lesson and got lots out of it. I am marking their analytical paragraphs now and am amazed by the detailed responses!” Lauren Faith, La Retraite RC Girls' School

"I’ve had a really, really good experience and I’m definitely recommending it to other English teachers. It s always good to give students a different experience in the classroom. Most of them have never watched a documentary before." Anna Bowen, Rokeby School

"They’ve been sophisticated in the way they’ve responded to it. They’ve really enjoyed the lessons and learnt a lot. One of the girls in the group, her parents were from Afghanistan and she was able to offer a lot to the discussion. She was particularly engaged by the lessons." Clare Staples, Holyhead School

“The kids really enjoyed it. They liked having it to break up the lesson, to get them thinking about and seeing other people’s lives. Enjoyment is half of it, if they enjoy it then they’ll be more engaged with it.” Jill Elliott, Priory School 

And pupils?...  

"It was fun to see different ways of life" 

"I learnt the other side to the problem or about other peoples opinions"

"I have learnt about different documentary conventions and how they use them to add certain features in a documentary."

About Us

BRITDOC is a not for profit film foundation supported by a number of US and European Foundations including Ford Foundation and Sundance Institute. Our mission is to enable the very best independent documentary filmmaking around the world. For more information about the films we have funded and our other projects please go to

Doc Academy was conceived by BRITDOC in collaboration with the designer Luke Williams-Ellis, whose persistent encouragement was instrumental in the development of the project.

The idea came off paper and was made real with the guidance of our good friends and partners at Riley Productions, with seed funding from Grierson Trust. 

In collaboration with a team of education experts at TES English, Doc Academy was built in 2012 by Torchbox with design by BRITDOC's Creative Director, James Franklin.