How it works

Doc Academy is a platform for finding free, curriculum-linked resources.

Documentary film helps bring to life some of today’s more complex and challenging social issues. You can browse, view and download for free from a bank of 100s of clips. Search by Theme, by Activity, or simply by Key Stage.

Teachers can access clips from brilliant docs spanning all manner of social issues - migration, gender, human rights, corruption, love, disability, gang warfare, surveillance, the impact of social media, conservation, and many more.

Each film has a full scheme of work providing curriculum-linked lesson plans written by and tested with teachers. The plans include a broad range of exercises that develop key literacy skills, starting points for classroom discussion, and imaginative work extensions beyond the classroom.

The lesson plans make it easy to integrate clips into existing lessons or help you create new ones

  • Use clips and scenes from the films to open up class-wide discussion
  • As stimulus for roleplay and debate
  • To prompt writing, speaking and listening exercises
  • To introduce a new subject, concept or perspective




No-one knows what will work best for your class better than you.

The clips and exercises are designed to be used flexibly and interchangeably. Share back with us what worked for you in the Comments section beneath each resource.