All these films are award-winning international feature films.

We think they are exceptional and we wanted you to be able to use them in your classroom.

  • Poster for Indivisible


    The story of three DACA "DREAMERS" navigating uncertainty, family separation, and working towards immigration reform.
  • Poster for In Real Life

    In Real Life

    Get your students thinking about the impact the Internet has on all areas of their lives. Thought-provoking stories link to curriculum-relevant literacy skills and processes.
  • Poster for Monica & David

    Monica & David

    Inspire with a love story that raises some tough questions. Exercises prompt students to investigate the challenges and prejudices that surround disability.
    Perceiving and interpreting thoughts and feelings, Speaking and listening assessment, Engaging with and understanding a text, Writing to describe, explain and inform
  • Poster for Moving to Mars

    Moving to Mars

    Teach about migration from multiple perspectives. Students learn about the experiences of displaced people in the UK, and the human consequences of Burma's political unrest.
    English - Reading, writing, speaking & listening
  • Poster for My Kidnapper

    My Kidnapper

    My Kidnapper is an emotional journey into the heart of a kidnapping, told from all sides.
  • Poster for One Mile Away

    One Mile Away

    Two warring gangs in inner city Birmingham attempt to bring peace to their neighbourhoods. Teach about trust, violence, hope and reconciliation through key literacy exercises.
  • Poster for Only When I Dance

    Only When I Dance

    Two teenagers try to dance their way out of Rio's favelas.
    Critically viewing a documentary text, Stereotype and prejudice
  • Poster for Ping Pong

    Ping Pong

    The World over 80's Table Tennis Championships in Inner Mongolia.
    Different writing styles - article, diary entries, Write a newspaper article, Researching and presenting a debate
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