Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I search for lesson plans?

A. On the Doc Academy homepage, click on the blue finger tab entitled 'lesson plans' at the top right of the page. The lesson plans listed on the subsequent page are arranged alphabetically and can be filtered by key stage, theme and activity.

Q. Where are the films? 

A. The Doc Academy website features clips of documentary feature films and lesson plans built around those clips, for use within class. Each documentary film has a selection of clips and a lesson plan to accompany them. If you click on the 'lesson plans' tab on the homepage you will see a list of the lesson plans which are are arranged alphabetically and can be filtered by key stage, theme and activity. For films that are available in the UK, there is a grey button entitled 'Purchase the Film' which links you to an external website where you can buy the film if you wish to. The film clips and lesson plans are currently free of charge, you are not required to buy the entire film to be able to use them. 

Q. I have problems playing the film clips: they are jumping, not playing or the sound is out of sync.

A1. We recommend that you download clips onto a computer, memory stick or hard drive, rather than relying on an internet connection to stream them. If you are streaming the clips, press pause allowing the clip to buffer to at least half way. This is indicated by the black bar at the bottom of the window turning grey.  

A2. Check for any problems with your internet connection.

A3. Close down any other browser windows and check whether other computers using the same network are streaming video or downloading content.

A4. Download the latest version of your computer's browser.

Q. When I download the lesson plan it opens in a new browser window. How do I save it onto my computer?

A. From the menu options, select "Save Page As" and then save the clip to your computer, memory stick or external hard drive.

Q. I would like to buy the full version of the film

A. Please note that not all of the films are available to purchase in the UK. However, if a film is available, then go the film homepage and click on the white button called 'Purchase a Copy', just under the film synopsis. If this button is not visible, it may not be available for purchase in the UK.

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